The second Red sea Dialogue on the theme of “The Need for Regional Cooperation at a Time of Geopolitical Shifts” is heldย  on 30th of May 2024 inย  Addis -Ethiopia ๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡น.

H.E. Mr. Jafar Bedru, the Executive Director of the Institute of Foreign Affairs has delivered the welcoming speech. In his address, he  stated that the vast opportunities that the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden offer to all states situated in and around this maritime region. The Executive Director added the Red Sea presents immense potential for economic growth, trade, and access to valuable resources, such as fisheries and other natural assets. The geopolitical importance of this region cannot be overstated, given its inclusion of two major international maritime trade routes, namely Babelmendeb and the Suez Canal.

On top of that Mr Jafar   emphasized such a kind of regional consultative forum will tackle four crucial issues. Firstly, it will examine the evolving security landscape of the Red Sea and its impact on Ethiopia and the wider region. Secondly, it will delve into matters of access to seaports and draw insights from international experiences in port-sharing. Thirdly, it will identify gaps in the existing security framework of the region while exploring avenues for collaboration among the Red Sea states and beyond. Lastly, it will showcase exemplary models of regional cooperation and best practices gleaned from other maritime regions.

Several intellectuals around the region and beyond, scholars from different institutes, panelists and distinguished participants have attended the high level dialogue.

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