What is inside Ethiopia ’s Grand Strategy?

By Dareskedar Taye (PhD), lead researcher in the Institute of Foreign Affairs

Why is Egypt so Angry about the Ethiopia-Somaliland MoU?

By: African Affairs Research Team


The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam: An Appraisal of Colonial Agreements, Issues of Existence and Forum for Negotiation. BY: Mihreteab T. Taye, Amare K. Aweke(Phd), Yidnekchew M. Mekonnen(Phd)

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Regional Solution to Regional Conflicts

Since the 2020s, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) have been showing some impressive developments that have never been imagined three or four years ago. These developments have changed the region’s political, economic, and security dynamics. By:Amare K. Aweke (PhD)

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