The 3rd Annual Forum for Regional Integration and Reasonable Utilization of the Nile (AFRI-RUN III)   held in Ethiopia heralds the “Shared Resources for Shared Future and Prosperity on Cooperation and Regional Integration through Equitable and Reasonable Utilization of the Nile”

H.E Jafar Bedru, IFA Executive Director has made the opening remark and emphasized the notable advancements achieved in the Nile Basin, such as the increasing number of states ratifying the Nile River Basin Cooperative Framework Agreement and the promotion of regional power interconnection projects. Nevertheless, it is imperative to recognize the existing structural impediments that are impeding progress, including the delayed establishment of the Nile River Basin Commission and the sluggish pace of regional integration.

The Executive Director added that effectively addressing these challenges is crucial for unlocking the Nile’s potential for cooperation, regional integration, and prosperity. Ethiopia has demonstrated its dedication by ratifying the Nile River Basin Cooperative Framework Agreement and is actively working towards enhancing regional integration through the development of physical infrastructure and the establishment of connections in the region through initiatives like electricity and environmentally sustainable practices. On top of that he underscored , the Ethiopian government initiative on Green Legacy which aimed at combating escalating deforestation by planting hundreds of millions of trees annually to mitigate environmental insecurity in the region.

AFRI-Run  is organized by Institute of Foreign Affairs , Minstry of Foreign Affairs and Water and Energy Minstry.Several international panelists and participants are part of the attendees on the high level Annual Regional Conference.

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