Ethiopia has participated on the BRICS Academic Forum 2024 under the motto “BRICS: New figures on the Global Chessboard: Towards a Multipolar Order”.

During the inaugural session, Victoria Panova, head of the #BRICS Expert Council-#Russia, Russian W20 Sherpa, and Vice Rector of HSE welcomed the honorary guests and delegates from different countries. The #Institute of Foreign Affairs(IFA)Executive Director H.E. Mr. Jafar Bederu is attending the forum and presented a note about the #Ethiopian perspective on the emerging multipolar world order making note of the importance of cultivating integrative #multi-polarity. H.E Jafar also detailed the values Ethiopia brings to the BRICS and the aspirations of Ethiopia as it seek rapid accession to the New Development Bank.

Several presentation topics will be is expected to be demonstrated in the coming days by the participants. The 2024 #Moscow BRICS Forum is expected to pronounce certain recommendations to be presented to the #BRICS Leaders for the 16th #summit which is scheduled to be held in #Kazan in October.

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