IFA warmly welcomes Ambassador of the Pakistani Embassy in Ethiopia
May 02, 2024 :H.E Mr. Jafar Bedru, the Executive Director IFA received and spoke to Ambassador Atif Sharif Mian -the Ambassador of the Pakistani Embassy in Ethiopia on potential collaboration across various fields with thinks and Foreign service Academies in Pakistan. The meeting tabled on the Institute enabled both parties to engage in constructive dialogue that aimed at enhancing future partnership.
During the discussion, both parties emphasized partnership; H.E. Mr. Jafar Bedru addressed the idea of organizing joint conferences for joint research undertakings and held a comprehensive speech on collaboration. On the other side, Ambassador Atif Sharif discussed on plot of common policy dialogue, conference preparation, research publication and capacity building.
The discussion concluded on a positive and promising note with both sides expressing interest for further collaboration and exchange. Both parties agreed to delve into specific areas of mutual interest and to develop a resilient action plan.
The discussion signals a promising step toward enhanced cooperation between the Institute of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy of Pakistani.
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