The Consultative Forum which includes Ethiopian Think Tanks, Academics, and Research Institutions, as well as the #BRICS Expert Council from Russia have gathered in Addis, Ethiopia. On the occasion, IFA’s Executive Director, H.E. Mr. Jafar Bedru highlighted that Ethiopia’s membership in the BRICS fundamentally aims to advance the country’s development agenda through diversified and inclusive partnerships and cooperation, based on the principles of the UN’s founding charter. The Director added that Ethiopia apparently  recognizes the importance of multilateralism and is committed to actively participate in efforts for a comprehensive reform on the global governance architecture.  As the goal is to make it more representative, inclusive, diversified, and responsive to the needs of developing countries like Ethiopia, Ethiopia strongly supports the reform of the UN system and other multilateral institutions. He lastly underscored his speech that, the BRICS plus countries should not be seen as competing replacements for traditional centers of international politics, but rather as complementary avenues to fulfill the need for a diversified approach to foreign relations.
The #BRICS Academic Forum convenes Presenters and participants from various sectors in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

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