On April 3, 2024, the Institute of Foreign Affairs, in partnership with Ethiopia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, hosted training for journalists covering international relations and diplomacy. During the training sessions, they presented papers on the issues of national interest and journalism, journalism and reporting on Ethiopia’s diplomacy, the impacts of migration in Ethiopia, and migration diplomacy.

During the opening sessions, H.E. Kebede Disassa, State Minister for Federal Government Communication Services, stated that the media and journalists play an important role in national development.

H.E. Mr.Jafar Bedru, Executive Director of the Institute of Foreign Affairs, believes journalists must be aware of changing geopolitical landscapes in regional, continental, and global contexts.

The IFA is committed to providing capacity-building training for the media. Mr. Jafar said:

H.E. Nebyu Tedla, Spokesperson of Ethiopia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, stated that the role of journalists in promoting national interest and national branding is vital.

The ministry is open to collaborating with journalists and media .H.E.Nebyu said.

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