IFA warmly welcomes UNDP Resident Representative in Ethiopia  
March 13, 2024: IFA’s Executive Director H.E. Mr. Jafar Bedru warmly welcomes UNDP Resident Representative in Ethiopia Dr. Samuel Gbaydee Doe at the Institute.
H.E Mr. Jafar Bedru, along with the institutive Director Generals and Dr. Samuel Gbaydee with his team has made an intensive and fruitful discussion in the areas of research and training collaboration. The institute primarily briefed the guest about its missions and key priority areas of research, policy dialogue, workshops, and diplomatic in-service and capacity building training.
The Executive Director of the Institute disclosed that such sorts of discussion are fundamental in fostering sustainable development and achieving the common goals of IFA and UNDP. He also added that focusing on researches with regard to peace and security, international relations, environmental change in the continental and global level will decisively increase the quality of decision making.
Dr. Samuel Gbaydee on his side primarily pronounced, he is quite excited on the Institute’s form and inspiring research and training activities. In addition, he stated that Peace, Security and Shared prosperity are undoubtedly and fundamentally driven by diplomacy. He also adhered his statement that UNDP’S prior focus on bringing Peace and Security, participating on AFCFTA  which encompasses most of Africa’s continental free trade and economic integration  will ultimately  brings shared goals of development and are part of SDG .so that the key research themes are unconditionally  align with the two organizations’ prioritized working areas. He also supplement in his view that evidence based research is quite important and instrumental in shaping policies and providing policy recommendations.
On the course of the discussion, the participants from the institute and the organization highlighted the importance of conducting joint research projects to generate valuable insights and data to inform evidence-based policies and strategies are quite cardinal for both  hence such a find of Collaborative research efforts can help address specific challenges and identify opportunities for sustainable growth and development.
Lastly, the Executive Director  underscored the Institute’s influence within and abroad on its work of strategic policy researches and organizing timely policy dialogues. Above all, he asserted that criticality of diplomacy for peace and security investment is merely meant for investing on the institute’ capacity of diplomacy. As a way forward, both the institute and the organization will sign an MoU shortly and start the collaboration exercise afterwards.

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