MoU Signed With ACSO

Institute of Foreign Affairs (IFA) and Authority of Civil Society Organization signed MoU on Feb.13, 2024 
The Institute of Foreign Affairs (IFA), in collaboration with the Civil Society Organizations Authority, held a discussion with regard to deforestation regulations of the EU at IFA main hall. The discussion also focused on environmental protection and agriculture prepared by the European Union.

H.E Jafar Bedru, Executive Director of Institute of Foreign Affairs delivered a welcoming speech and he emphasized the significant impact of the European Union’s deforestation regulation on countries like Ethiopia, whose economy relies heavily on agriculture, particularly coffee production. He also highlighted the need to bridge the gap in farmers’ understanding of the issue and underscored the importance of creating a collective measure with pertinent stakeholders.

Fasikau Mola, Deputy Director General of the Civil Society Organizations Authority on his side has also   made an opening remark at the forum which accentuates the increasing role of civil society organizations on National Affairs. He highlighted the forum’s preparation as a result of continuous monitoring of national issues and contribution to existing conditions by the sector.
On the course of the discussion, a coordinating committee has been appointed to address the substance, and H.E Mr. Jafar Bedru, the Executive Director of the Institute, and H.E Mr. Samson Birattu, the Director General of the Authority lastly signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU).
It was known that civil society organizations and their representatives, invited by the Civil Society Organizations Authority, were in attendance at the forum.

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