The board members of the Ethiopian Economic Association and the Association’s President, H.E. Prof. Tasew Wolde Hana, attended the Institute of Foreign Affairs on February 20, 2024. They met with H.E. Mr. Jafar Bedru, the Executive director of the Institute of Foreign Affairs, and researchers of the institute.
The overall purpose of the agreement is to work together in various areas, share experiences, exchange knowledge, build mutual agreement between the two institutions, and create a collaborative environment and a culture of communication for information sharing between the parties.
More specifically, the two parties have agreed to collaborate on joint event organization on diverse topics of policy relevance nationally, continentally, and beyond; to collaborate in areas of research, capacity building, advocacy, and the dissemination and sharing of research results; to participate in conferences, seminars, and workshops organized by each party as keynote speaker, discussant, and participants as appropriate; and to collaborate on information and data exchange in the areas of interest of the parties.
During the forum, the institute’s researchers presented the institute’s mission, objectives, and potential areas of collaboration. As both institutes launch such a sort of collaborative process, such a kind of academia’s’ debate and research institutes’ collaboration on research, policy advocacy, and capacity-building training will surely achieve the country’s development goals.

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