IGAD member state youth leaders visited the Institute of Foreign Affairs (IFA) on the 7th of 2024. Youth leaders from East African countries were led by Ethiopian Youth Council President Hou. Fuad Gena has had an intensive scholarly discussion with the institute’s Executive Director Jafar Bederu.

The Executive Director warmly welcomed IGAD member states youth member leaders and highlighted the institute’s important mandates in terms of conducting policy research and providing diplomacy training. In line with this, he acknowledged the youths’ initiative in shaping Africa’s future in the region and further underscored that the youths in Africa are expected to pave the way for a new era of economic prosperity and shared development by exploring the keys to Africa’s future
The guests were briefed about the institute’s key activities by the Institute Core think tank directorate. Later, the visitors raised some questions on how they would network and participate as well as collaborate wit

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