High-level dialogue kicks-off on the theme of “Bridging Borders for Advancing Regional Integration” on the 7th of 2024 at Inter- Luxury Hotel, Addis Ababa Ethiopia.
The Institute of Foreign Affairs (IFA) and Ministry of Women and Social Affairs, and the Ethiopian Youth Council organized the dialogue.
Honorable Fuad Gena President of the Ethiopian Youth Council delivered a welcoming speech to the guests and attendants who came from different parts of the country and Africa. H.E Mr.
Jafar Bedru, IFA Executive Director has made a keynote remark and pronounced the concept and praxis of regional integration is not merely limited to a geopolitical concept and sphere rather it is a pathway to prosperity, stability, and shared growth in the region. He also highlighted that the youth being an Africa’s future must actively engage in the discourse of regional integration and understands the benefits that come with a united and interconnected region.
The Executive Director also added that the other desirable outcome of regional integration is cultural exchange and understanding it as in fostering cultural exchange among people which ultimately opens avenues for shared experiences and appreciation of diversity that reflects the richness of society’s collective heritage.
In his last remark the Executive Director pointed out that viewing regional integration is not as a mere policy goal but as a collective journey toward shared prosperity. The youth are the lead of this journey, and their active participation is not just desirable but indispensable. By harnessing the energy, ideas, and determination of our young leaders, we can build a future where the Horn of Africa stands united, resilient, and prosperous.

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