IFA and RRS Discuss Potential Areas of Cooperation

IFA executive director held a fruitful and underlying discussion with officials from the Refugee & Returnee Service (RRS) officials on Feb.5, 2024.
Jafar Bediru, the Executive Director of the Institute of Foreign Affairs (IFA), and RRS director Teyiba Hassen along with her team has made an intensive discussion on partnership and joint collaboration at IFA meeting hall.
The institute has briefly introduced and provided an in-depth insight about its visions and key working areas to the guests. Ato Melaku Mulualem and Tesfaye Boyissa, stakeholders Training Director General and diplomatic core think expert respectively explained the Institute’s historical journey and its present vital accomplishment as well as the key areas of partnership with RRS.

Tesfaye Boyisa briefly discussed areas of collaboration with RSS in terms of research and training to the team and evinced the discussion with regard to the pledges that Ethiopia has made at Geneva Global Refugee Forums, Boarder and Refugee Management, Climate refugees. He added that capacity building training on Humanitarian Diplomacy /Humanitarian Negotiations, Diplomatic protocols/etiquette/, Cross cultural communication and much more important themes will be the other sort of collaboration between the two institutions.

Jafar Bederu-IFA’s Executive Director revealed in his side that the Institute’s capacity in terms of savvy professionals and scholars and emphasized the shared intellectual space in the institute. He also added the issue of migration and refugees needs to be aligned with the issue of National Security Strategy and a special emphasis ought to be given for such decisive sector. Joint collaboration in terms of conducting policy research, providing trainings on need based approach, organizing conferences and work on projects and grants shall better be of the premier undertaking that the two institutions need to underscore, the Executive Director unfolds the statement.

Teyiba Hassen- the RRS’S Director General on her side addressed that IFA’s recent institutional stand and commitment in terms of conducting policy research and providing trainings to diplomats and stakeholders is genuinely acknowledged and recognized as the country’s think tank. The DG further explained that the issue of refugees has strong ties with that of foreign policy, diplomacy and security and its comprehensiveness and being multi-sectorial in terms of inclusion/integration should better be understood. She added that as Ethiopia is becoming the host country for more than a million of refugees in the region, a lot of advocacy work should be done for the international community. As the work of refugee by its nature is complicated and lined with several issues, conducting policy wise research in the national as well as international level, and reviewing the existing refugee legal frame works, proclamations, working papers has of paramount importance for the service.

The team members from both institutions have also raised several constructive feedbacks and recommendations for further collaboration and joint working frameworks. On top of that, the officials from both institutes have planned another day for a

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