H.E Ambassador of Hungary to Ethiopia, Attila Koppany paid a visit at the Institute of Foreign Affairs (IFA) on February 1,2024.
Director General of Diplomacy Core think tank, Wuhibegezer Ferede (PhD) and Head of IFA Executive Director Office and Europe and America research directorate researcher Tesfaye Bezabih(PhD) warmly welcomed H.E Ambassador Attia Koppany and Professor Dr.Istvan Tarrosy- Director of the International center at University of Pècs.
Professor Istvan Tarrosy has presented about the Pècs University’s as a hub for 15 years of Hungarian-African Research center relations and is one of the largest higher education institutions in Hungary. The director further elaborated on his university’s prior relations with Ethiopia’s higher education institutions and underscored IFA’s and University of Pècs forthcoming strong research, capacity building training, joint research publication, organizing international conferences and much more collaborations.
H.E Ambassador Attila Koppany  on his behalf disclosed that his embassy will facilitate and take the initiative in networking the Institute of foreign affairs with the diplomatic training institute in Hungary for young diplomats capacity building training for that the institute will write an MoU and will send to the embassy shortly. Besides, HE plighted to have an ambassadorial lecture to the IFA staffs as per the institute schedule
On behalf of IFA Wuhibegezer Ferede (PhD)), Director General for Diplomatic Core think, highlights the institutes’ key working areas that focus on conducting policy research and providing diplomatic career and capacity trainings. On top of that the Director General addressed important issues in which the institute is primarily pronouncing on key priorities like peace and security, regional integration, international trade and the regional geopolitical developments.
Tesfaye Bezabih (PhD)  Head of IFA Executive Director office and Europe and America researcher capitalizes and further solicited to the Hungarian team to work on the joint collaboration in conducting research, in joint journal publications, hosting conferences ,participating on research grants. Along with this, Tesfaye Boyissa- researcher at IFA lastly pointed out the issue of migration, refugee and other EU initiatives to Africa and inscribed the guests to have sort of understanding in which the institute is working and their further collaborations on such matters.
The Institute of Foreign Affairs (IFA) is a government- affiliated think tank which is accountable to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and primarily established with the mandate of undertaking cutting-edge policy research on foreign policy, diplomacy, international relations, peace and security and conducts policy dialogues and conferences regionally and globally as well as providing in-service diplomatic and capacity building trainings.

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