Shawn Houlihan, Senior Director of Forum of Federations of the Global Network of Federalism and Developed Governance, made discussion with Senay Getachew, Head of the Executive Director’s Office, and Melaku Mulualem, Diplomatic Think-Tank Director General, at IFA. The Forum is an international organization that develops and shares comparative expertise on the practice of federal and decentralized governance through a global network based in Canada.

During the discussion both, the Forum and IFA, outlined common areas of interest for future collaboration. Intergovernmental relations visa vise foreign policy as well as regional integration are found to be common grounds of future work. Policy coordination and information sharing along with consensus building are also another area discussed for future collaborative work. Finally, both parties agreed to come up with a draft MoU in the near future that will be followed by a detailed action plan to conduct workshops, dialogues and trainings.

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