IFA at the Joint Meeting of the Heads of the Diplomatic Training Institutions of BRICS members and invited BRICS members.                                                       

Heads of Diplomatic Training Institutes of BRICS member countries and countries that recently joined BRICS held a meeting today under the theme “BRICS and Africa: Innovative cooperation for nurturing a diplomatic force ready to contribute to a better world”. At the online meeting hosted by South Africa, Mr. Masafint Tefera, Deputy Director General of the Institute, participated in the meeting on behalf of the Ethiopian Institute of Foreign Affairs. The meeting mainly aims to discuss the following points and take a common position.

  1. To strengthen collaboration between the heads of the diplomatic training institutions of the BRICS members and the invited BRICS countries on key aspects related to the training of diplomats such as training methodology and training programme content;
  2. To exchange ideas on the role that diplomatic training institutions can play in producing diplomats who are able to contribute to a better world, in other words a world in which the institutions of global governance are more effective, more legitimate and more responsive to the needs of the developing world .Full remark By Mr. Mesafint Tefera at BRICS joint meeting of heads of diplomatic training institutes,November 22, 2023 G.c.

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